Meet the Founder

I come from a homewares brand and products background. It has been our family business for over 30 years. I am immensely proud that my brother and I have been able to carry on the business and family tradition of my late father. Around 2015 I started looking for ways to also carve out my own path as an extension of our business, and look for something personally meaningful and meaningful to others. I wanted to create products that enhanced people's lives and the wellness of our planet. As I learned more about the burgeoning "eco-friendly products" sector, and the versatility and durability of bamboo, this became my area of interest and passion. For me, the opportunity to create products that are natural and non-toxic, unlike most household products, is what got me energized to create NaturEZway, and to leave my partnership with my lovely brother to start my path of making a difference as a business owner and CEO. In 2016 I launched the first set of our "hero products" and have been so thrilled to see our products take off in retail chains and grocery stores across the world. I wake up every morning driven and inspired to create and offer products that help people, respect the planet, and showcase the importance of living a "green lifestyle".

NaturEZway is the future of home cleaning and home care with an investment into a better and less toxic future for you, your family and our planet. This is my passion and I hope to make you a passionate part of our NaturEZway community.

Sean Solouki, CEO